Boulder Holistic Dentistry was the first office in the State of Colorado to convert to digital x-rays, all the way back in 1992. In 2014, we added the top-of-the-line Carestream 8100-3D digital panoramic and Cone Beam 3-D x-ray machine. It allows us to get vastly more information, while maintaining low x-ray exposures for you.

In 2017, we added the newest most technologically advanced Digital X-ray sensors. They allow us to get the high quality images necessary for good dental care with far less exposure than film X-rays.  Our new sensors are able to utilize Logicon, the first FDA approved computer-aided caries detection software that is able to analyze changes in the tooth, not visible to the human eye.   In turn, we can objectively know when remineraliztion is successful, or when it becomes necessary restore as conservatively as possible.

Also, digital xrays eliminate environmental pollution, as we do not have to dump photo-chemicals from film processing down the drain.