Our Practice Philosophy

The first priority in our practice is to be the best, most up-to-date dentists for you.

Each of our patients gets Dr. Mustian’s full attention during their appointment. We do not have expanded duty dental assistants placing fillings, seating crowns, or adjusting bites. We believe all your dental work should be done by the dentist.

It is also our belief that continuity of care is essential and are proud to have had the same hygienists for 12-30 years!

Following that, holistic methods and attitudes are a wonderful augmentation.  We strive to understand how your overall health affects your dental health, and how your dentistry affects your overall health.

Boulder Holistic Dentistry was the first Dental Practice in the State of Colorado to be recognized by PACE (Partners For A Clean Environment) as an environmentally clean office, and was the paradigm for establishing industry specific criteria for environmental and sustainable practices.

We Offer

  • Mercury free dentistry
    • We have been mercury free since our inception in 1983, and place direct composite (white) fillings. All of our composites have a track record of being among the most biocompatible, least toxic, and durable filling materials on the market. Read more.
  • Metal-free wherever possible
    • Metals are much more allergenic than we typically give them credit for. Some metals, like nickel may cause an overt reaction, while other metals, most notoriously titanium, can lead to other more insidious manifestations like malaise and other vague varied symptoms. Read more.
  • Safe mercury removal
    • We follow the SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) for all amalgam removal. Dr. Koral was instrumental in establishing the guidelines and developing and teaching the protocol.  Read more
  • One appointment crowns
    • We have the newest technology in CAD/CAM fabricated crowns. The technology allows us to create extremely accurate, permanent, metal-free ceramic crowns in 2 hours. No temporary crowns needed. Read more.
  • Digital X-rays
    • We have some of newest, most accurate, and low radiation sensors on the market, including Carestream RVG 6200 and Carestream 8100- 3D cone beam CT scan. Read more.
  • Root canal treatment with laser, ozone, and calcium oxide
    • We use our 3D cone beam CT to give us a very detailed image of the root canal system, which cannot be visualized on traditional xray. We then take a multiple visit approach to ensure that our root canal is fully sterilized in the least toxic way. This includes cleansing with lasers and ozone treatments, rather than the traditional bleach. We seal calcium hydroxide in the tooth for 2 weeks, and conclude with a calcium oxide (endocal) permanent root filler.   Read more
  • Non-surgical, anti-infective periodontal treatment
    • Treatment options for periodontal disease range from the toothbrush to surgery. In our biologically oriented practice, we try to create conditions that arrest the disease process.  It boils down to two strategies: 1. Reduce the bacterial load, by cleaning teeth and killing the germs 2. Making sure the body is well enough nourished to support the continual healing that must take place in the gum tissues. Read more.
  • Chao Surgical Pinhole Technique
    • The Chao Surgical Pinhole Technique is a less invasive, less painful, and less costly approach to traditional gum grafting. Read more.
  • TMJ, Bruxism and Sleep Apnea
    • Dr.  Mustian is certified in the Treatment of Bruxism and Sleep Medicine from the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.  We have a specialized at home sleep monitor that will quantify the number of bruxism episodes per night, type of bruxism (clenching vs grinding), and any oxygen desaturations that occur while sleeping. Read more.
  • Cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstruction
    • We offer ceramic veneers, bonded veneers, full mouth reconstruction, and custom milled abutments for esthetic implant restoration. Dr. Mustian is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. Read more.
  • Individualized biocompatibility testing
    • We offer: 1. “serum compatibility dental testing,” which involves testing blood serum for pre-existing antibodies to more than 140 metals and chemicals that can be found in dental materials 2. muscle testing, a chairside approach to determine compatibility, 3. Offer samples to test at home or with their other healthcare providers. Read more.

Our Practice is a proud member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology.


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