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Jade McAloon 7/14/2017
I have been receiving dental care at this wonderful office for going on 7 years here in Boulder. All through that time, the care I’ve received has been extraordinary. Dr. Andrea Mustian’s presence and skills have a depth and breadth which have always supported wholly successful healings for what I’ve needed for my teeth. I couldn’t recomend the whole team there more!!!
Jade McAloon

Simon Roberts 7/6/2017
I was never a happy visitor to a dentist, but I signed on with this group a couple of years ago now, and have been very happy. They’ve avoided the all too common tendency to over-sell xrays and other expensive add-ons, and were fantastically comfortable when I needed a root canal, and fast to help and generally wonderfully accommodating when I had an old, but critical, filling in a front tooth fall out. Definitely very happy here.

Melanie C. 7/22/2016
I traveled to Boulder to have a root canal completed. I selected this dental office based on two infections on a tooth and recovering from the last one started reading about holistic dentists there. I viewed some presentations by Dr. Koral and loved what the man stood for – he died in May, 2016. I was so sad to learn that as I would have loved having him as a dentist. You can just tell when someone is authentic and smart – former chair of the – really smart stuff – holistic dentist who wanted to improve upon root canal disinfection and non-toxic materials. I exchanged several emails with his associate, Dr. Mustian. I learned via their website that she had been a patient of Dr. Koral’s as a young person – and also went to Harvard for dentistry. He was her mentor and hired her when she completed her training. She was superb! She determined via 3D x-ray that my root was fractured. This was something the endodontist in Dallas could not determine – even though I had a 3D done there. That endo barely glanced at my x-ray, whereas, Dr. Mustian performed the x-ray herself and viewed my tooth from every angle in front of me. She could have completed the root canal and made a lot more money – looked the other way re: the root fracture. She also cautioned me about having the tooth extracted and then flying back to Texas, saying I could end up with dry socket. Before returning to Texas, I had two mercury fillings replaced. It was the best dental experience of my life. Both she and her assistant talked (entertained) me throughout the procedure because they knew I have clausterphobia in the chair. I left feeling on top of the world that I’d found someone really nice and pleasant and caring.

Brian Doubleday 2/18/2017
Steve Koral was easily the best dentist I’ve had in my life. And now i find I’m getting the same level of dedicated care from Andrea Mustian. Steve’s legacy lives on.