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If you or anyone you know is looking for the absolute best holistic dental care then look no further. Boulder Holistic Dentistry is fantastic on all levels! Everyone is treated as if they are family. We are so grateful to have such experts in the field. Their hygienist Kathryn goes above and beyond with her compassionate care and knowledge and is such a grand addition to their team. I will always choose Boulder Holistic Dentistry for my family and clients.   -Dr. Katie Felt 5/12/18


I had a mercury filling removed and Dr. Francis was wonderful. I have always been terrified of dentists but she was so gentle, kind and skilled it made the experience easy. She and her awesome hygienist did all the necessary things required for a safe amalgam removal. This is a wonderful, holistic practice and the price was much better than other dentists who employ the SMART protocol for mercury amalgam removal. I feel blessed to have had Dr Francis and highly recommend this dental practice.  -Stephanie Pierce 7/25/18


I am so happy I found this practice…have had nothing but positive experiences and exceptional work and am treated like a whole person regarding my recent dental issues. As a former dental assistant and EDDA of 14 years I am very picky about where I go…Boulder Holistic is the right choice for me.  -Emily D. 5/16/18


I have been receiving dental care at this wonderful office for going on 7 years here in Boulder. All through that time, the care I’ve received has been extraordinary. Dr. Andrea Mustian’s presence and skills have a depth and breadth which have always supported wholly successful healings for what I’ve needed for my teeth. I couldn’t recomend the whole team there more!!!   -Jade McAloon 7/14/2017


I was never a happy visitor to a dentist, but I signed on with this group a couple of years ago now, and have been very happy. They’ve avoided the all too common tendency to over-sell xrays and other expensive add-ons, and were fantastically comfortable when I needed a root canal, and fast to help and generally wonderfully accommodating when I had an old, but critical, filling in a front tooth fall out. Definitely very happy here.  -Simon Roberts 7/6/2017


I traveled to Boulder to have a root canal completed. I selected this dental office based on two infections on a tooth and recovering from the last one started reading about holistic dentists there. I viewed some presentations by Dr. Koral and loved what the man stood for – he died in May, 2016. I was so sad to learn that as I would have loved having him as a dentist. You can just tell when someone is authentic and smart – former chair of the – really smart stuff – holistic dentist who wanted to improve upon root canal disinfection and non-toxic materials. I exchanged several emails with his associate, Dr. Mustian. I learned via their website that she had been a patient of Dr. Koral’s as a young person – and also went to Harvard for dentistry. He was her mentor and hired her when she completed her training. She was superb! She determined via 3D x-ray that my root was fractured. This was something the endodontist in Dallas could not determine – even though I had a 3D done there. That endo barely glanced at my x-ray, whereas, Dr. Mustian performed the x-ray herself and viewed my tooth from every angle in front of me. She could have completed the root canal and made a lot more money – looked the other way re: the root fracture. She also cautioned me about having the tooth extracted and then flying back to Texas, saying I could end up with dry socket. Before returning to Texas, I had two mercury fillings replaced. It was the best dental experience of my life. Both she and her assistant talked (entertained) me throughout the procedure because they knew I have clausterphobia in the chair. I left feeling on top of the world that I’d found someone really nice and pleasant and caring.  -Melanie C. 7/22/2016

Steve Koral was easily the best dentist I’ve had in my life. And now I find I’m getting the same level of dedicated care from Andrea Mustian. Steve’s legacy lives on.  -Brian Doubleday 2/18/2017